Purchasing Policy

Unless there are apparent variations in terms of price and quality when acquiring things, the Dobedan Hotels purchase method is based on the following considerations:
•    We prefer products with higher energy efficiency, which may not lead to formation of greenhouse gas.
•    We give preference to suppliers implementing quality standards such as ISO.
•    We prioritize eco-friendly and recyclable products.
•    We prefer the products of companies that have established a sustainability policy or that are committed to use sustainable resources, with a fair trade organization.
•    We prefer recyclable products in large packaging and concentrates to reduce waste.
•    We primarily support local businesses and choose businesses close to our facilities to reduce our carbon footprint.
•    We want to buy vegetables and fruits mainly from local producers before they become industrial products.
•    Documentation and approval are required to purchase endangered fishery products (ICCAT).
•    We work with companies looking to build specialized infrastructure for energy savings, creating a sustainable tourism economy, supporting local development and minimizing environmental damage through this initiative. We support all actions taken in accordance with our policy.