Family & Kids


At Dobedan Hotels, we offer many special services to turn your holiday into an experience that your whole family can enjoy.

Dobedan Kids Club, which we have designed to turn your children's holidays into a pleasant, instructive, and entertaining experience, offers a world full of special activities that will contribute to the personal development of children, far from the classic "mini club" concept.

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A holiday programme full of colourful and fun surprises awaits your children at Dobedan Hotels!

  • Special Activities and Handicraft Activities: At Dobedan Kids Club, our little guests have fun while developing their hand skills with special activities and handicraft activities that will help children develop their creativity.
  • Coloring and Art Workshops: We organize painting workshops and art activities for art-loving little ones and allow them to color their imagination.
  • Shows and Festivals: We organize fun shows and festivals that children can participate in. These events, where our little guests will have the opportunity to take the stage and showcase their talents, contribute to increasing their self-confidence.
  • Private Pools: Our little guests enjoy the water in their pools safely and enjoyably. In addition, our aquapark offers a fun water adventure for our little and young guests.

Dobedan Hotels offers special facilities where you can spend time comfortably with your family. Our pools, restaurants and other social areas are designed for you to have a pleasant time with your family. Dobedan Hotels, with its family-friendly holiday concept, ensures that your holiday turns into an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

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