Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Policy

Dobedan Hotels chain runs in the field of tourism both in domestic and international arenas. Being one of the leaders in this field and guided by its own vision and understanding of the principles of sustainable development of environmental protection and energy saving systems, the company commits to improve constantly its own environmental protection and energy saving control system through its efficient establishment, including:

Contribute to the protection of biodiversity and life forms in the ecosystem, giving preference to the usage of renewable energy sources;

Ensure full accordance of its environmental protection and energy saving system to the requirements of the legislative basis in this area;

Provide the implementation and realisation of the systematic plan regarding to refuse management in order to minimize them;

Protect the environment from global warming, climate change and other harmful impacts;

Decrease the risks of environmental pollution by segregation of garbage refuse, recycling or utilization it in accordance with the norms of current legislature;

Reduce negative impact on the environment caused by the results of activities, products, services and other processes that are under our control by establishing greatest possible balance between man and nature within the life cycle;

Increase the usage of new technologies and improve energy efficiency with the aim of continuous improvement;

Enhance awareness of its employees in the issues of productive resource usage in order to optimize the exploitation of energy and natural resources and reduce the usage of needless resources;

Use high-performance goods and products;

Provide trainings and activities on environmental protection and energy saving in order to enhance awareness of its employees and all parties concerned in this area.