Occupational Health And Safety Policy

As Dobedan Hotels, we will be open to continuous development and stakeholders in order to mitigate, manage and maintain risks, provided that this is in compliance with statutory norms and requirements on occupational health and safety.
•    All employees of Dobedan Hotel are responsible for the health and safety of employees.
•    Responsibilities and powers are shared among all employees for compliance with laws, rules, regulations and other Occupational Health and Safety requirements.
•    At Dobedan Hotels, the health and safety of our employees is as important as our other business objectives.
•    A risk-based thinking and a safer approach are preferred to prevent accidents.
•    Subcontractor works are controlled and managed by work orders before, during and after work.
•    It is essential to train our employees to develop and enhance the individual responsibility for employee health and safety.
•    Dobedan Hotels uses resources in the most correct and beneficial way so as to create an effective, safe and healthy work environment, ensure effective communication and improve the individual performance of employees.