Human Rights And Employee Rights Policy

Dobedan Hotels seeks to develop a corporate environment that respects human rights within the framework of sustainable tourism understanding and to enhance the consciousness and awareness of its employees, customers, and stakeholders by sharing this understanding.
In addition to the Labor Law, Dobedan Hotels strives to meet the requirements of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Turkey is a party, including the basic principles of the International Labor Organization and the international conventions.
In accordance with their respect for human rights and ethical principles, the Dobedan Hotels’ staff members conduct their interactions with one another and guests in a way that upholds the values of honesty, trust, impartiality, and transparency. They do so without discrimination based on language, religion, race, gender, philosophical belief, or sect, and they avoid acting in ways that could be interpreted as cruel treatment.
Hotel managers have a responsibility to take the appropriate steps to prevent any form of abuse, discrimination, or harassment and to report any suspicions to the Human Resources division. Such complaints are taken seriously, investigated, and resolved without being utilized against the complainant. If our management discovers that there has been harassment or discrimination, it takes the appropriate administrative action against the offenders.
Being committed to respect the provisions of Turkish Labor Law and of other applicable regulations governing freedom of contract and freedom of movement in employment, Dobedan Hotels will pay strict attention to ensure that hiring practices are in line with operational needs.

In accordance with its Human Rights Policy, Dobedan Hotels refrains from funding the initiatives of people and groups that have been charged with engaging in activities that are illegal or restricted by domestic laws and international agreements to which Turkey is a party, as well as using child labor, and violating human rights.
The Dobedan Hotels’ employees work in accordance with the norms of private law and are employed in accordance with the provisions of Labor Law No. 4857. Our company respects the constitutional right to organize and enter into collective bargaining.
Inquiries and complaints about the working conditions, personal rights, duties and responsibilities of our hotel employees will be forwarded to the employer and processed through the human resources department. Dobedan Hotels does not discriminate against candidates in the provision of services or in the appointment and promotion of personnel, except for competence criteria.