Sustainability Policy

Operating in the hospitality sector in both global and Turkish tourism, Dobedan Hotels aim to integrate the concept of sustainability and environmental, social and corporate governance practices into our current activities, future investments and value chain. We adopt a sustainable development approach according to ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 10002 standards, which does not neglect future generations in line with the growing world population and demands, meets the today’s needs, in seeking conscious consumption patterns and alternative sources in order to sustain the existence of natural resources.
Our sustainability policy forms the basis of the activities of Dobedan Hotels and is part of our business model, which applies to all our departments starting from our Board of Directors. We are aware of our responsibility towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to address global issues such as climate change, poverty, hunger, inequality, water scarcity and loss of diversity biological. We strive to raise living standards and prosperity by increasing our investments and prioritize the promotion of sustainable development in the conduct of our work and decision-making processes.
In addition to our financial goals, we continue to strengthen our investments in sustainability performance, taking into account our Sustainable Development Goals, i.e. “Decent Work and Economic Growth”. Conscious of our impact on the environmental, economic and social dimensions, we are dedicated to develop the following Sustainable Development Goals as our target and shape our business accordingly until 2030:
• Clear Water and Sanitary Conditions
• Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
• Responsible Consumption and Production
• Climate Action

In line with the need for less energy-consuming technologies, production and services are carried out responsibly for human health and environmental resources, and in accordance with the “Scientific Based Goals” initiative, we continue to seek the innovative Best Innovative Technologies, which offer ways to transform to low-carbon economy, and to integrate them into our projects in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.
It is ensured that the data relating to our emission sources, greenhouse gas emission calculations and reports are checked by the verifiers of the Turkish Accreditation Agency.
As part of the environmental management systems, our principle is to set new targets for the assessment and continuous improvement of the impacts on direct and indirect carbon emissions, energy and water consumption, initial processing of raw materials and recycling, recovery and final disposal of raw materials after they become waste, through Environmental Impact Assessment as well as third-party independent environmental audits and exercises.
In line with the waste management hierarchy and the Zero Waste Project, our primary goal is to reduce the amount of waste at its source. In cases where it is not feasible to reduce the amount of waste to zero, we aim to continue recycling by segregating all wastes by type, applying techniques for reuse, recycling in licensed facilities, energy recovery and disposal techniques in licensed incinerators.
Thanks to Waste Water Monitoring Systems, we continuously monitor the effluent quality parameters and carry out improvement studies through periodic laboratory analyzes. We are also working to reduce the Water Footprint.
We continue to work hard to protect cultural heritage and provide socio-economic benefits to the local people.

This policy covers the following: 
• The facilities belonging to Dobedan Hotels
• All employees of Dobedan Hotels
• All employees of suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, and other organizations on basis of relevant contracts executed with any of them