Alves Kids Club

Alves Kids Club

Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek Alves Kids Club guarantees a fun-filled experience with educational and entertaining activities for children of all ages. It places significant emphasis on ensuring the comfort of your family holiday in Belek.

Within our Kids Club, children can socialise with their peers and enjoy a combination of educational and entertaining activities. Themed parties and festivals allow them to explore their imaginative side while accompanied by certified professionals. They can safely embark on adventures amidst the wonders of nature.

The Alves Kids Club is essential in providing your children with lasting memories of an exceptional holiday in Belek.

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Kids Have Full Days of Activities at Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek

Among all Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek's activities, those for children have a distinctive place. From engaging in creative workshops such as painting and handicrafts to participating in thrilling team-building games, kids will have fun while learning new skills. Furthermore, they can partake in themed festivals and parties tailored to children of all ages.

Rest assured, all our children's activities are closely supervised by certified professionals, ensuring their safety is of the utmost importance. Whether it's a sports event, a party, or a festival, we always strike the perfect balance between entertainment and safety.

Step into the perfect family holiday with Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek's activities for children.

Baby Beach For a Safe Sea Experience

Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek is a family-oriented resort that caters to children's needs, ensuring a safe seaside experience for an ideal family holiday. Hence, we offer a dedicated Baby Beach zone where toddlers can safely explore the beach with other children.

Next to our private beach, Baby Beach is where your little ones can enjoy a refreshing dip in the seawater pool. Additionally, kids can unwind on the vibrant and cozy sun loungers while relishing the serene ambiance of the Mediterranean Sea.

Parents seek tranquillity and relaxation to enjoy a seamless Belek vacation, and we provide just that.

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