Alves Kids Club

Alves Kids Club

Alves Kids Club is designed for our little guests to enjoy every moment.

Dobedan Kids Club takes children's holiday experiences to a special and fun level. Our club, which goes beyond the traditional "mini club" concept, offers special activities that contribute to the personal development of children. Various activities such as handicraft activities, painting, shows, and festivals with the active participation of children ensure that children have a pleasant time. 

Activities that allow children to discover their artistic talents and encourage their creativity are the most enjoyable part of their holidays. Our festivals create unforgettable memories filled with fun competitions on special occasions and during holiday periods. 

At Dobedan Kids Club, we aim to turn children's holidays into an unforgettable and rewarding experience, thus providing an unforgettable holiday for all members of the family.

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Special Activities and Crafts

Dobedan Kids Club offers special activities and handicraft work where your children can develop themselves during the holiday. In this way, our little guests do not neglect to have fun while learning something. Coloring, craft projects, jewelry making, and more help your children to unleash their creativity.

Educational and Entertaining Shows

Our club offers your children the opportunity to be part of unforgettable experiences. Educational and entertaining shows with the participation of our little guests allow children to experience learning in a fun way. Dance performances, magic performances, and children's theatre are some of the activities your children will enjoy.

Festivals and Thematic Events

Dobedan Kids Club offers your children a colorful and fun holiday with festivals and thematic events organized throughout the holiday. Activities specific to special days and holiday seasons allow your children to learn and celebrate special days while enjoying their holidays.

Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & SPA Belek is waiting for you to turn your children's holidays into an enjoyable experience that positively affects their personal development with Dobedan Kids Club. 

Among the child-friendly hotels in Belek, Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & SPA Belek is designed to make your family holiday unforgettable for all age groups. With Dobedan Kids Club, your children will learn while having fun and you will enjoy a peaceful holiday. Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & SPA Belek will be the perfect choice for your family holiday.


As Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & SPA Belek, we offer many activities for children between the ages of 4 and 12 with our special kids club that offers a fun holiday experience. This special club is full of special activities for children such as daily animations, garden games, coloring areas, a mini disco, a trampoline, a cinema, a pool filled with seawater, a pool with slides, and an indoor swimming pool.

Thanks to Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & SPA Belek activities, families can spend their holidays in a safe and enjoyable way.

Bebek Beach

Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & SPA offers a unique feature designed for families to have a pleasant holiday with their children: Baby Beach. This special area allows you to enjoy the sea in a safe environment. We have also considered the needs of babies such as nappy changing areas and breastfeeding rooms. 

Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & SPA Belek offers a holiday experience where families can make unforgettable memories with its baby beach. Our guests can enjoy the sun, sand and sea as a family without worrying about their children. In our hotel, where there is entertainment for all ages, we make your family holiday perfect by considering even the smallest guests.

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