Beach & Pools

Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek offers its guests a peaceful sea experience with its 50 metre wide and 300 metre long sandy beach.

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    You can enjoy the fun of water with pools and slides designed with guests of all ages in mind, and enjoy privileges at the VIP pavilions on the beach.

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    Our hotel also has a beach area for adults only, and there are separate beach areas and a seawater pool for children and babies. In addition, VIP pavilions are designed for you to have a comfortable time and are equipped with amenities such as a minibar, shower, sunbed, safe, and power outlet. Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & SPA Belek offers our guests a luxurious and family-friendly beach experience.

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    Main Pool

    At the centre of the entertainment experience at Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & SPA Belek is the swimming pool in the main building. With an area of 2850 cubic meters, this outdoor pool can be enjoyed at any time of the year with its heated system.  

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    Slides Pool

    There is an interactive children's slide pool with an area of 190 cubic meters for families to have a pleasant time with their children. This pool, which stands out among the pools with slides in Belek, stimulates children's imagination with its interactive features and helps them accumulate unforgettable memories. Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & SPA Belek invites you to this special pool with slides to increase your holiday fun.

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    Kids Pool

    One of the prominent features among the children's pools in Belek is the indoor children's swimming pool, which can offer entertainment in all seasons. With an area of 25 cubic meters, this special pool is filled with seawater to give children the feeling of swimming in the sea. There are also two deluxe children's swimming pools, indoor and outdoor. These pools offer an ideal option to make your children's holidays unforgettable.