Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek boasts an exquisite culinary experience through its diverse range of restaurants and bars.


Dobedan Exclusive Belek Panorama Restoran List Card

Panorama Restaurant

Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek's Panorama Restaurant is a culinary haven offering a delightful gastronomic experience from sunrise to sunset. As the hotel's main restaurant, it serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Deluxe Restoran Card List

Deluxe Restaurant

Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek's Deluxe Restaurant embodies elegance and sophistication, standing out as a culinary gem in Belek. With its distinctive blend of indoor and outdoor seating, this restaurant offers an upscale ambience.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Cin Restoran List Card

Chinese Restaurant

Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek's Chinese Restaurant is a hidden gem among our a la carte fine-dining venues. This restaurant stands out with its elegance and premium culinary offerings.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Fransiz Restoran Card List

French Restaurant

Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek's French Restaurant is a quaint culinary haven that distinguishes itself among our dining options. It charms with its elegance, garden views, and premium French cuisine.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Italyan Restoran Card List

Italian Restaurant

Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek's Italian Restaurant is a testament to the art of gastronomy, designed to immerse you in a fine dining experience that is nothing short of exceptional.

Dobedan Exclusive Alacaturca Restoran Card List

A’la Turca Restaurant

The restaurant provides a distinctive culinary experience with its delectable snacks, allowing guests to relish in the serenity of nature.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Balik Restoran Card List

Fish Restaurant

Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek's Fish Restaurant blends refinement and flavour, providing the freshest seafood sourced from the Mediterranean. With its refined and intimate interior, the Fish Restaurant welcomes you in a splendid atmosphere.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Steak House Restoran List Card

Steak House Restaurant

Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek's Steak House Restaurant, one of the most exclusive taste destinations, is ready to enchant you with its elegant wooden décor and the finest steak dishes.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Cinna Bar Card List

Cinna Bar

With its sparkling decor and elegant details, Cinna Bar is the perfect choice for those looking to create unforgettable memories. Time will simply slip away within these walls as you enjoy delightful drinks and snacks

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Festival Bar Card List

French Patisserie Bar 

Located within the main building of Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek, French Patisserie Bar greets its guests with a plain but elegant design and puts its guests’ comfort first. Offering delicious desserts, patisserie products, and Starbucks coffee service, French Patisserie Bar welcomes guests of all ages.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Bella Bar Card List

Bella Pool Bar

One of the most popular spots at Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek, Bella Bar is unique in both design and location. Right next to the Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek pool, this special place is an ideal choice for those who want to cool off in the sun or spend the evening with a view of the pool.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Iskele Bar Card

Pier Bar

Featuring stylish, comfortable seating and a delicious range of beverages, the Pier Bar is the perfect location to enjoy one-of-a-kind cocktails with your loved ones throughout the day. Here, you will experience the indulgence of luxury.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Deluxe Bar Card List

Deluxe Bar

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, this sophisticated lobby bar offers guests an experience full of exquisite cocktails. The bar's meticulously crafted cocktail menu entices avid drink enthusiasts alike. At this venue, you will feel privileged.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Disco Card List

Double Day Disco

Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek's Double Day Disco is the hub of entertainment and dancing every night from 11 p.m. at Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek. You can dance to the most popular songs in this stylish club and enjoy delicious drinks.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Dobedan Bar Card2

Dobedan Bar

You can taste the most delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks 24/7 at the Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek's Dobedan Bar. Enjoy the glorious days and nights of the Mediterranean accompanied by expertly prepared cocktails and refreshing music.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Beach Bar Card2

Beach Bar

The Beach Bar provides an extensive selection of beverages, ranging from fresh fruit juice cocktails to exotic liquors. This is where you can relish a delightful conversation with your family or friends while savoring the serene seascape.