Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek's restaurants offer its guests a unique dining experience; each flavour is carefully prepared and full of unforgettable tastes...

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Panorama Restoran List Card

Panorama Restaurant

Panorama Restaurant promises its guests a gastronomic experience with its wide range of flavours offering exquisite interpretations of world cuisines. At every meal, our carefully selected and skilfully prepared flavours are presented in a way that will appeal to your taste buds.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Deluxe Restoran Card List

Deluxe Restaurant

Deluxe Restaurant brings together different flavours of world cuisine with creative and original presentations!

You are invited to make a delicious start to the day at Deluxe Restaurant, which welcomes its guests with our open buffet concept. Get ready for a delicious journey with our rich and delicious menus for breakfast, late breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Cin Restoran List Card

Chinese Restaurant

The Chinese Restaurant serves in a carefully designed indoor space where luxury and elegance are combined. Our decoration reflecting the mystical atmosphere of the East offers our guests a unique experience. In this restaurant where every detail is carefully selected, you will reach the peaks of flavour.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Fransiz Restoran Card List

French Restaurant

The French Restaurant is an exclusive A la Carte restaurant serving the unique flavors of traditional French cuisine. Reflecting the rich heritage of French cuisine, each flavor leaves unforgettable traces on the palate and offers an unforgettable experience combined with elegance and attentive service. It invites you to a world full of flavors of French culture.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Italyan Restoran Card List

Italian Restaurant

Are you ready to discover Italy's cuisine full of flavors that fascinate the palate?

Pasta and pizzas, one of the indispensables of Italian cuisine, are waiting for you. Meticulously selected ingredients turn into delicious flavors in the skillful hands of our masters!

Dobedan Exclusive Alacaturca Restoran Card List

A’la Turca Restaurant

A'la Turca Restaurant is one of our snack restaurants serving its guests a warm and friendly atmosphere. This special place, which is located outdoors as an open buffet, is an ideal choice to enjoy your holiday.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Balik Restoran Card List

Fish Restaurant

Our seafood from the fertile waters of the Mediterranean meets marvelous recipes in the skillful hands of our masters. With a rich menu variety, we offer many options suitable for your taste in our Fish Restaurant for you.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Steak House Restoran List Card

Steak House Restaurant

The indispensable flavors of meat gourmets are at Steak House Restaurant! Our steaks, which you can choose the degree of cooking and personalize with unique sauces that you think will suit your menu, are waiting for you with their exquisite flavors.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Cinna Bar Card List

Cinna Bar

It is an indispensable place for special moments you will share with your loved ones accompanied by the soothing melodies of the piano. Cinna Bar is an ideal option for accumulating unforgettable memories in a romantic atmosphere.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Festival Bar Card List

French Patisserie Bar 

You can relieve the tiredness of the day at the French Patisserie Bar. You can have a pleasant chat with your loved ones while sipping your drinks. French Patisserie Bar is waiting for you whenever you want to relax with its stylish design and peaceful atmosphere.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Bella Bar Card List

Bella Pool Bar

Rich local and foreign drinks meet the marvelous recipes of our experienced bartenders. You will feel the heat of the sun and the coolness of the pool and pleasant cocktails at Bella Pool Bar, and you will add pleasure to your holiday pleasure.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Iskele Bar Card

Pier Bar

It is designed for you to have a pleasant time in a relaxing atmosphere accompanied by the soothing music of calm waves. The Pier Bar is the ideal escape for those who want to enjoy the warm sands on the beach, refreshing sea breezes, and spectacular sunsets.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Deluxe Bar Card List

Deluxe Bar

Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek's Double Day Disco is the centre of entertainment and dancing every night from 23:00.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Disco Card List

Double Day Disco

Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek's Double Day Disco is the hub of entertainment and dancing every night from 11 p.m. at Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek. You can dance to the most popular songs in this stylish club and enjoy delicious drinks.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Dobedan Bar Card2

Dobedan Bar

Dobedan Bar offers a unique experience to our guests by serving 24 hours a day, every day of the week. In addition to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, a wide range of beverages, including special flavours of world-renowned coffee brands, can appeal to the tastes of each of our guests. With its modern design and cosy atmosphere, our bar offers you the opportunity to sip your drinks in a relaxing atmosphere.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Beach Bar Card2

Beach Bar

To make your holiday unforgettable, how about spending time in a stylish place where you can sip your drinks with a refreshing sea breeze on the warm sands? Beach Bar, which integrates with the unique beauty of the Mediterranean, offers a dream holiday by serving outdoors until sunset.