French Patisserie Bar 

Located in the main building of Dobedan Exclusive Hotel & Spa Belek, French Patisserie Bar offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy calmness and elegance.

With its elegant design and peaceful atmosphere, this venue will be waiting for you whenever you want to relax. Festival Bar is an ideal choice for those who want to have pleasant conversations with their loved ones while sipping their drinks.

Dobedan Exclusive Belek Festival Bar Card
Dobedan Exclusive Belek Festival Bar Card2

The interior design of the bar is designed to focus on the comfort and enjoyment of the guests. The stylish decoration and soft lighting create a spacious atmosphere that puts guests at ease. Another attraction of our bar is that it serves as a place that offers drinks of the world's most popular brands, especially coffee. You can make your holiday even more special with delicious and unique beverage options.

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