Kids Club

Kids Club

At Dobedan World Palace Kemer, we understand that a happy family holiday is all about creating memorable experiences for everyone in the family, especially the children.

That's why we've introduced the Alves Kids Club, a dedicated space that promises a range of exciting adventures and activities for children of all ages. Our Kids Club guarantees a perfect Kemer family holiday with your children.While you enjoy the fun of Dobedan World Palace Kemer's beaches and pools, your children can socialise and have fun in the safety of our Kids Club. They can live their days to the full with indoor and outdoor activities supervised by certified experts. 

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Safe and fun adventures await children of all ages and nationalities at our Kids Club. Our club offers a range of outdoor activities for the active and adventurous. There's never a dull moment, from thrilling water games to exciting treasure hunts, sports competitions, and workshops like painting and crafting. Children can make friends, develop teamwork skills, and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Our Kids Club goes beyond conventional mini clubs. It brings the fun of Dobedan World Palace Kemer to all ages with themed festivals. From kite festivals to Peter Pan-themed festivals, your children will have fun developing their imagination and talents.

Furthermore, learning is a joyful journey in our Kids Club. We organise educational activities that are both fun and educational. Children can delve into the wonders of science and explore the natural world through interactive lessons and experiments.

While your children have a great time at the Alves Kids Club, you can enjoy well-deserved relaxation or explore the resort's many adult activities. 

At Dobedan World Palace Kemer Kids Club, you will not be left behind for your children. Thanks to our Kids Club and certificated experts, you can enjoy your Antalya holiday without worrying about your children.

Kids Have Full Days of Activities at Dobedan World Palace Kemer
At Dobedan World Palace Kemer's Kids Club, your children's days will be full of activities. They will have fun learning in many workshops, from painting to handicrafts, and they will experience team spirit by playing various games with their peers. Themed festivals and parties will capture the imagination of children of all ages and provide them unforgettable hours. 

Children embark on new adventures in each indoor and outdoor activity. They will enjoy an unforgettable family holiday in Kemer with experiences they cannot have anywhere else. 

All the activities we organise for kids take place under the supervision of our certified experts. The safety of your children is the top priority of the Kids Club activities. Whether it is a sports activity, a party, or a festival, we combine fun and safety.

Kids Club activities guarantee that your children will enjoy their holiday as much as you do.

Baby Beach for a Safe Sea Experience

Dobedan World Palace, a child and baby-friendly resort, offers children a safe seawater experience for the perfect family holiday. Your toddler can safely enjoy the beach with their peers at the specially designed Baby Beach area at Dobedan World Palace Kemer Beach. 

In a pool filled with seawater, just a few metres away from the soothing sounds of the sea waves, your toddler will swim safely at Baby Beach. On the colourful and soft sun loungers, they can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the Mediterranean Sea.

We understand that parents want to relax and enjoy their holiday, knowing their children are in good hands. While your baby is enjoying Baby Beach, you can take some well-deserved time for yourself, whether basking in the sun, reading a book, or participating in other resort activities.

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