Kids Club

Kids Club

At Dobedan World Palace Kemer, we understand that a happy family holiday is all about creating memorable experiences for everyone in the family, especially the children.

Here children can unleash their creativity, meet new friends, and turn the learning experience into fun. In this way, children not only have fun during their holidays, but also gain new skills and increase their self-confidence. Dobedan Kids Club makes family holidays more special and meaningful while ensuring that children's holidays are a pleasant and different experience. Dobedan World Palace Kemer stands out as a destination that aims for all members of families to enjoy their holiday.

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Special Activities and Crafts

Dobedan Kids Club is full of special activities and crafts to help your children develop their creativity. Our little guests have fun while developing their handicraft skills at the same time. Here children enjoy expressing themselves and learning new things.

Painting and Art Workshops

We offer our children the opportunity to color their imagination by organizing painting workshops and art activities in our club for art-loving little ones. Here they step into the magical world of art and enjoy creating their own works of art.

Shows and Festivals

We organize fun shows and festivals in which our children can participate in person. Our little guests have the opportunity to take the stage and showcase their talents. These shows and festivals increase children's self-confidence and allow them to accumulate unforgettable memories.
Private Pools and Aquapark

As Dobedan World Palace Kemer, we have designed separate pools for our little guests. These pools allow your children to enjoy the water in a safe and enjoyable way. Our aquapark also offers a fun water adventure for our little guests. Your children can spend time safely and happily with water games.

Dobedan World Palace Kemer offers hotel services for children, not only entertaining them but also enabling them to learn something. At Dobedan World Palace Kemer, which is one of the most child-friendly hotels that works to make your holiday a perfect experience enjoyed by the whole family, your children will never get bored by going on a new adventure every day.


Dobedan World Palace Kemer is full of activities for children and offers a perfect kids club experience for our little guests between the ages of 4-12. Here are some of the activities for children with unforgettable experiences:

Daily Animations: Daily animations specially organized for your children every day allow our little guests to have fun while developing their creativity.
Garden Games and Activity Areas: In our large garden, there are playgrounds where your children can release their energy. There are also specially designed areas for coloring and various activities.

Mini Disco: Before the evening animations, your children can have fun in the mini disco to the rhythm of the music.

Pool Games: Dobedan World Palace Kemer has a pool filled with seawater specially designed for children. In addition, your children can have fun in the aqua park and enjoy water games in the pool with slides.

Specialty Food and Beverages: Our main restaurant offers a children's buffet, diet buffet, covered baby food, milk, juice, and more. In addition, microwave ovens, blenders, and high baby high chairs are provided for the needs of your babies.

Bebek Beach 

As Dobedan World Palace Kemer, we think of every detail to maximize the enjoyment of your holiday. Especially for families with children, we offer a special "baby beach" to make the holiday experience even more special. Dobedan World Palace Kemer Baby Beach provides you with perfect comfort while enjoying the sea with your children.
This private area is ideal for safe, supervised play and offers shaded areas to protect children's sensitive skin from the harmful effects of the sun. For families, comfortable sun loungers, nappy changing areas, and showers are also available near the beach.

On the beach, all necessary precautions have been taken for the safety of babies and small children. The depth of the beach is small enough for babies and small children to play comfortably. There is also a lifeguard service on the beach.

The baby beach is equipped with various toys. Children can build sand castles on the beach, play in the water and play various games.

We aim to make the holiday experience of families easier and more enjoyable with the baby beach. During your holiday, you can enjoy the sea peacefully with your children and have fun in a safe environment.

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