Dobedan World Palace Kemer restaurants offer its guests a unique eating and drinking experience.

Dobedan World Palace Babil Card

Babil Main Restaurant

Dobedan World Palace Kemer adds flavour to your Antalya holiday with its main restaurant. Our main restaurant offers our guests a rich selection of open buffet options, so everyone can find dishes to suit their taste.

Babi Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a night buffet service for our guests who want to eat at night. It also offers a late breakfast meal for our guests who want to sleep more.

Dobedan World Palace Yeme Icme The Mariner Restoran List Card

The Mariner Fish Restaurant

The Mariner Fish Restaurant offers an unforgettable evening experience for seafood lovers. As one of the stylish A la Carte restaurants of Dobedan World Palace Kemer, it serves both indoors and outdoors on the terrace. So you have the freedom to choose the atmosphere you want. While the interior attracts attention with its elegant and modern design, you can enjoy the cool evening breezes of Antalya on the outdoor terrace.

Dobedan World Palace Yeme Icme Vivaldi Restoran List Card

Vivaldi Restaurant

Vivaldi Restaurant is an A la Carte restaurant with a capacity of 100 people, offering an elegant Italian dining experience. Our restaurant, which has indoor and outdoor options, has a luxurious atmosphere decorated with care. From starters to main courses, desserts, and beverages, the menu has something for every palate. You can find the most delicious examples of Italian cuisine such as homemade pastas, fresh seafood, delicious risotto varieties, and pizza on the menu.

Dobedan World Palace Sofra Restoran List Card

Sofra Turkish Cuisine

Sofra Turkish Cuisine Restaurant welcomes you with the most delicious and exclusive Turkish dishes specially selected for you. Accompanied by the sounds of classical Turkish music, these delicious dishes, served with A la Carte service concept, leave an unforgettable taste on your palate. Starting from the classics of Turkish cuisine and enriched with special flavours, the menu has a variety to appeal to every palate. The authentic atmosphere of the restaurant makes you feel the traditional Turkish hospitality.

Dobedan World Palace Mucco Coffee House List Card

Muco Coffee House

Muco Coffee House is a marvellous stopover, surrounded by elegant architecture and wonderful garden views. It offers the world's finest selection of coffee and natural teas, providing our guests with unique beverage experiences. The outdoor Muco Coffee House is located next to the main swimming pool, providing our guests with the perfect place to cool off and relax.

Dobedan World Palace Lobby Piano Bar List Card

Piano Bar

We have designed the menu, enriched with delicious drinks and snacks, to satisfy your taste buds. Piano Bar is the perfect choice for a special dinner, celebration, or a fun night out with friends. Whether you prefer the indoor or outdoor area, you can spend a romantic evening here. Piano Bar is waiting for you to add a special touch to every moment.

Dobedan World Palace Lobby Recarche Bar List Card

Recharge Disco

Recharge Disco opens its doors to entertainment lovers between 23.00 - 01.00. With its modern design, impressive lighting, and high-quality sound system, the dance floor promises an energetic night for the guests. Recharge Disco offers a repertoire that will please everyone who loves music thanks to experienced DJs who bring together various genres of music. There is also a premium cocktail bar serving specialty drinks.

Dobedan World Palace Tea House List Card

Tea House

The Tea House is elegantly and warmly decorated and offers a relaxing atmosphere. Whether you are alone with your book or having a nice chat with your loved ones, you can enjoy every moment here.

Dobedan World Palace Benjamin Bakery List Card

Benjamin Bakery

Benjamim Bakery is famous not only for these delicious snacks but also for its carefully prepared coffee. Our guests can have a good time in a warm and friendly atmosphere and have pleasant conversations with their loved ones while relaxing with the wonderful aroma of coffee. Benjamin Bakery invites everyone looking for different flavours to a unique experience.

Dobedan World Palace Arena Bar Card

Arena Bar

Arena Bar attracts you not only with its magnificent view but also with its delicious drinks and snacks. You can choose from delicious cocktails, freshly squeezed fruit juices and refreshing drinks. You can also enjoy carefully prepared snacks while having a pleasant time with your friends or family outdoors.

Dobedan World Palace Pool Bar Card

Pool Bar

The Pool Bar is our hotel's favorite meeting point. Open from 10.00 am until midnight, it is a great option for our guests to enjoy refreshing drinks and delicious snacks in a luxurious atmosphere.

Dobedan World Palace Vitamin Bar Card

Vitamin Bar

Offering fresh and healthy drinks, the Vitamin Bar offers a selection of vitamin-packed beverages to revitalize the body and promote vitality. Natural fruit juices, freshly squeezed vegetable juices, and energizing smoothies make your drinks special. The Vitamin Bar offers our guests an escape from stress and a chance to restore the freshness and vitality their bodies need.

Dobedan World Palace Captan Bar List

Captain’s Bar

In addition to local and imported drinks, fresh and delicious snacks are waiting for our guests who want to enjoy the peace of being on the open sea. If you want to spend a pleasant day and make unforgettable memories with your family or friends, don't forget to stop by Captain's Bar.

Dobedan World Palace Lounge Bar Card2

Dobedan Lounge Bar

Dobedan World Palace Beach Bar Card2

Dobedan Beach Bar

Dobedan World Palace Gozleme Card

Gozleme Corner

Dobedan World Palace Lobby Teras List Card

Lobby Bar

Dobedan World Palace Arena Snack Card

Arena Snack

Dobedan World Palace Pool Snack Card

Pool Snack