Muco Coffee House

Muco Coffee House is a marvellous stopover spot surrounded by elegant architecture and wonderful garden views.

This venue offers the world's finest selection of coffee and natural teas, providing our guests with unique beverage experiences. The outdoor Muco Coffee House is located next to the main swimming pool, providing our guests with the perfect place to cool off and relax.

Dobedan World Palace Mucco Coffee House Card
Dobedan World Palace Mucco Coffee House Card2

Open from 10.00 in the morning until midnight, Muco Coffee House is ideal for starting the day with an energetic breakfast or trying pleasant snacks with your loved ones later in the day. If you want to relax, cool off with a beautiful view, and enjoy delicious drinks, Muco Coffee House is waiting for you. The moments you spend here can be one of the most memorable of your holiday.

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