Slides Pool

Slides Pool

Dobedan World Palace Kemer, a paradise for those looking for sea, sun and entertainment, invites you to experience an unforgettable pool experience.

With a large area of 50 square metres and a depth of 140 metres, the pool with slides is ready to give you wonderful moments.

Dobedan World Palace Ana Havuz Card
Dobedan World Palace Kaydirakli Havuz Card2

Dobedan World Palace Kemer pool with slides, located in the open area, offers you the opportunity to sunbathe and enjoy the water. The pool is an indispensable point for those looking for entertainment and has 2 different slides. While adrenaline enthusiasts experience exciting moments by going down these slides, children can safely dive into fun in the children's pool.

Dobedan Kemer also has many facilities to relax around the pool with slides. Sunbeds, sunshades, and towels are plentiful around the pool to ensure the comfort of our guests.

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