Dobedan Beach Resort Comfort Side's restaurants and bars invite you to a unique culinary experience!

Dobedan Beach Resort Yeme Icme Horizon Alacarte List Card

Horizon Restaurant

Come to Dobedan Beach Resort Comfort Side's Horizon Restaurant and choose from a wide variety of dishes that best suit your taste buds, delicately prepared by our skilled chefs and cooks. Experience taste and luxury. Horizon, our main restaurant, will add an unforgettable taste to your holiday with every meal.
Dobedan Beach Resort Yeme Icme Anatolia Alacarte List Card

Anatolia A'la Carte

Anatolia A'la Carte's casual and friendly atmosphere makes it the perfect place for family dinners as well. Visit Anatolia A'la Carte and don't miss the opportunity to taste the best Turkish food in the fresh air, surrounded by nature!

Dobedan Beach Resort Capri Alacarte Card List

Capri A'la Carte

Open for dinner only, Capri A'la Carte completes your dining experience with fine paintings on the walls, comfortable seating, and luxurious service. Here, you will find not only iconic Italian delicacies but also a gastronomic experience designed down to the last detail. Get ready to feel like you are in Italy at Capri, one of the best restaurants in Side.
Dobedan Beach Resort Taka Alacarte List Card

Taka A'la Carte

Our Taka A'la Carte Restaurant, with its blue and white interior, will make you feel like you are in a sailor's tavern. This restaurant, where you can taste all kinds of seafood, is perfect for a Mediterranean dinner.

Visit Dobedan Beach Resort Comfort Side's Taka A'la Carte restaurant to experience the legendary sea flavours of the Mediterranean in a welcoming atmosphere.

Dobedan Beach Resort Bistro Bar List Card

Bistro Bar

The Bistro Bar boasts a sophisticated interior design that makes guests feel unique and privileged. With a wide selection of cocktails and a professional bar team, this bar is the perfect place for intimate conversations, special celebrations, or simply relaxing. 

Dobedan Beach Resort Comfort Side's Bistro Bar is the ideal meeting place for holidaymakers who love luxury and elegance.

Dobedan Beach Resort Lobby Bar List Card

Lobby Bar

The Lobby Bar boasts an authentic interior design and offers a cocktail menu enriched with local and international flavors. This elegant bar serves a choice of traditional and trendy drinks and snacks. Thus, it is the perfect place for friendly conversation, romantic moments, or simply relaxing. 

Guests feel special at any time of the day in this elegant venue and have the opportunity to create unforgettable memories.

Dobedan Beach Resort Pool Bar List Card

Pool Bar

This delightful bar is a refreshing oasis by the pool where you can enjoy a variety of drinks throughout the day, providing an ideal way to cool off and stay hydrated.
Dobedan Beach Resort Beach Bar List Card

Dobedan Beach Bar & Dobedan Snack

Dobedan Beach Resort Comfort Side’s Beach Bar is a haven of relaxation for our guests. Nestled in the shade of swaying palm trees, this idyllic setting immerses you in the lush greenery of the beach while providing access to one of the Mediterranean's most coveted blue flag beaches.
Dobedan Beach Resort Kahve Evi List Card

Coffee Home

Dobedan Beach Bar Fruit Bar Card2

Fruit Juice Bar

Dobedan Beach Resort Comfort Side's Fruit Juice Bar offers the healthiest and most delicious drinks for those who want to cool off in the heat of summer. Refresh yourself with the Fruit Juice Bar's fresh fruit juices, located right next to the activity pool, and replenish your energy before the activities.